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Glitch Art, Generative Art, Deconstructing the bits and pieces that make up an imaginary medium. Ideas broken into their basest elements and rearranged, misinterpreted, dehydrated, spoken badly about, chuffed up, and just generally done to.

A digital image is the concept of what an image looks like. I take photographs; 2 dimensional reproductions of what a camera saw. The concept of the reproduction is then broken into discreet ideas of what the colors in that image should be. I use those ideas as a starting point.

Sometimes I re-imagine the colors as numbers, or sounds, or letters, and edit them as one would a series of numbers, sounds, or letters. Then I pretend they’re a photograph again.


Stuart Atteberry, Sorting Out Mondrian (2014)

Motion Pixel

A video is a 2 dimensional representation of what a camera saw at a number of discreet instances of time.

I treat each discreet instance to the same series of reinterpretations as I would a single instance. Then I string them together and pretend things are moving.


Stuart Atteberry, Settled In Stone (2013), Acrylic on Panel


Usually abstract, pigment based images. This is where I keep photographs,  2 dimensional reproductions of what a camera saw when it looked at paintings I made.

I make paintings in two stages, starting with a perfect ground and then spoiling the ground with pigment and binder. I like it when pigments fight for your attention, pushing each other back and forth, carving out a false dimension in the process.

My goal when painting is to build these false dimensions so we can calm the real ones.


Stuart Atteberry, Happy (2014), Digital Glitch/Pixel Sort


This is where I keep the words I think when I think about art.

Some people enjoy words. If you enjoy words, I have a number of them here. I put them together in long, ordered collections with the intention of conveying meaning.

Sometimes meaning is conveyed.


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